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 Tax Problems If you are having tax problems with the IRS, check out the Guardian. Their team of lawyers can give you the help you need.


Jim's Police & Military Website
Jim's Police & Military Website Great Law Enforcement & Military Website With Links Filled With Graphics & Recourses.


NJLawman.com Great N.J. Cop site with latest local news and more! Site has L.E. Employment Opportunities - Over 300 Law Enforcement Websites.

The Italian American Police Society of New Jersey: is a social, fraternal organization of more than 4,000 Italian American Law Enforcement Officers in the state. We are also a charter member in the National Coalition of Italian American Law Enforcement Organizations. 

Child Support Resources

Child Support  Resource site for everything to do with child support. Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

Where law enforcement professionals and their families turn for personal and job related support and comfort for their emotional needs. Click above banner for more information.

COP2COP  The 24-hour confidential helpline for New Jersey Law Enforcement Officers and their families.  
Where law enforcement professionals and their families turn for personal and job related support and comfort for their emotional needs. Click above banner for more information.


The Alcohol Detox Guide: Staying Healthy On The Road To Recovery.  Addiction is a complex,Alcohol Detox Guide - RCx progressive disease that alters brain, body and organ function and the ability to think rationally. After you have succumbed to alcohol or drug addiction, you will probably need some form of treatment to regain your emotional, intellectual, mental and physical health. Given the right skills and knowledge, a person can recover from active addiction and regain a sense of self-esteem, health, happiness and productivity.




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FOX NEWS ON TERRORISM   For the latest news on "America Strikes Back"
CNN NEWS NETWORK   Get up to date news as it happens!


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